Grass Jelly

Muh Chen is a renowned TVC & MV director based in Taiwan and widely contributed in Asia. Since graduating from Taiwan University of Arts with a Film major, he has dedicated the past decade of his career to direct breathtaking visual artworks by integrating filmmaking arts and digital technology in CG/VFX.


His works have won numerous international visual awards including Germany Red Dot Design Award, Germany iF International Award, MTV EMA Europe Music Award, VMAJ Japan MTV Music Award, Taiwan Golden Melody Award, Golden Taiwan Horse Award, STASH magazine showcase etc. His portfolio represents his unique sense in visual presentation: edgy, glamorous and full of delicate details. His work is a refreshing voice that guarantees a perfect synergy of live-action and CG/VFX across various media resources and platforms.


His TVC clients include the most popular international brands such as Pepsi, Nike, PUMA Sports, P&G, For China, Heineken, Unilever, Mercedes-Benz, Canon China, and Sony Taiwan. And his MV clients include the most outstanding pop-icons: Faye Wong (collaborating with Wong Kar Wai), A-Mei, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Chiling LIn, Elva, Yanzi Sun, Jane Zhang, Show Lo, Sodagreen, MayDay, Wu Bai, FIR, Rainie Yang, Wilber Pan, MoMo Wu, etc.


In 2005, Muh Chen founded his own production studio “ Grass Jelly ” in Taipei that provides a thorough visual service from directing to the visual production in CG, VFX and live-action. Grass Jelly has become one of the best visual production companies in Asia, and is drawing media attention widely and gets invited to participate cross-country, high-end campaigns for TVCs and MVs. In 2013, his Pepsi TVC featuring MoMoWu has accumulated an impressive brand awareness; 100 million click-through-rate over an internet media platform, breaking the existing record among all of the music video directors in Asia.

Grass Jelly
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