Alexander Paul

Alexander Paul, born in Cologne, Germany in March 1962, studied in Frankfurt, London and Paris. After finishing his studies he started working in the film industry. He worked as author/copywriter and producer, while maintaining his passion for visuals as a photographer. 


Alexander Paul co-founded Radical Images Film productions in 1990, for which he has produced over 250 commercials. After a client request he started directing in 2000,while running his company and producing at the same time, and since 2003 he fully concentrates on directing only. Most of the automotive films he has directed have won national and international awards. 


After 15 successful years with Radical Images, he separated from his partner, to concentrate on his own career as a director. He teamed up with Susanne Porzelt as a director/producer duo. They founded Ping-Pong Films as a vehicle for international representation, in 2005.
Flexibility and worldwide experience make Alexander Paul and Susanne Porzelt a perfect match. 


Alexander Paul’s motivation stems from the love of working with film as an emotional medium. Besides his strong strategic and conceptional approach Alexander is very visual driven. He is an ambitious shooter but at the same time a great collaborator with agencies and clients. “Listening” and “digesting” input from clients is a strong side of Alexander. He is one of those rare directors who understand the motivation of a campaign and achieves creative results by teaming up with his clients. His former partnership with one of the best DP ́s in Germany had taught him a great deal of DP skills. 


Alexander is well known for his car work, his vast knowledge about architecture and design as well as his outstanding visuals. He also loves to work with people and talent. 


Alexander Paul speaks fluent English, German and French.

Alexander Paul
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