Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Foundation

Founded by Sun family members and professionals in the fields of academia and the arts, The Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Foundation’s initiative is to carry on the legacy and humanist ideas of Dr. Sun, to support constructive cultural developments in Greater China in the global context, and to inspire positive changes through the media, education and cultural projects.


Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Foundation is a non-profit association set up and registered in Hong Kong. This year is the 150th Anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s birthday, and the Central government is celebrating the occasion with commemorative activities all over the country. We would like to take this opportunity to launch the Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Foundation under the auspices of family members, government leaders and distinguished guests from overseas, so we may work together in carrying on Dr. Sun’s legacy and ideas, in the future development of Chinese culture and beyond.


  1. Our work over the past two years in Beijing, Tianjin and Johannesburg with the African Wildlife Foundation in the preservation of wildlife and wildlands, and in sustainable development in Africa. Together with the Aspen Institute and the African Ambassadors Group in Beijing, we mounted a major publicity campaign in China e.g. we brought famous Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang to Africa during FOCAC when President Xi was visiting South Africa. After the FOCAC Action Plans have incorporated wildlife protection issues our policy recommendations have also been incorporated into the African Union’s 2063 Vision plans.
  2. The Foundation has already completed the first of a series of films in support of young directors from different cultural backgrounds and viewpoints.  “River” by Tibetan director Sonthar Gyal successfully world premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival 2015 and has since gone on to win multiple awards at many festivals such as Shanghai and the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. Other films reflecting our core values are being developed, including Iraqi director Sahim Omar Kalifa’s production with a strong message for peace based on his Oscar nominated short “Baghdad Messi”.



  1. The Foundation will work with a number of Chinese and international film festivals to award the Sun Yat-Sen Humanitarian Award, in order to support and encourage films and film projects that inspire positive human values and compassion in line with Dr. Sun’s thoughts, and hence to hopefully broaden the influence of such ideas and Chinese culture via the media.
  2. Will collaborate with NGO VolunOnline to bring volunteer teachers to the ‘left over children’ in remote villages by modern technology – online video classes. The initial 19 trial classrooms around the country have proven to be very successful models over the last two years. So the Foundation will support the project and also foster further collaboration with local governments, with the aim of training the local governments to adopt the model on a larger scale eventually.
  3. The TV and web based programme of 30 super cool short films – “Doing Good Things” - will take advantage of the celebrities’ 500 million social network fan base to promote uplifting stories of people doing good deeds and a new attitude towards life and our environment. 
  4. To encourage the import, introduction and screening of quality children’s films that reflect positive human values via Secondary School and Primary School Festivals, and via other media outlets in association with the Beijing Film Academy, China Children’s Film Society, Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.