Meet the founder of *radius Yu Wei Yan

Yu Wei Yan is a rare blend of both director and producer who has accumulated many noteworthy awards with his directing and producing efforts.


As a Producer >>>

1984《Jade Love [Directed by Zhang Yi]  Nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Horse Awards, Winner of Best Actress at the Asia International Film Festival.


As Producer and Production Designer >>>

Directed by Fred Dan >>>   

1986《Dark Night 》1st Taiwan film to be shown in art house theaters in America.

1987《Spirit of the Soul》Madrid Film Festival.

1988《Yuan Nu》Un Certain Regard Cannes International Film Festival.


Directed by Edward Yang >>>

1991《A Brighter Summer Day》

Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo Film Festival, Firepesci Special Jury Prize,

Best Picture at the Asia International Film Festival,

Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the 28th Golden Horse International Awards.  


1994《A Confucian Confusion》

In Competition at the Cannes International Film Festival, 

Best Screenplay at the 31st Golden Horse Awards.   



Jury Special Mention at the 46th Berlin International Film Festival.  


2000《Yi Yi》

Best Director at Cannes International Film Festival,

Best Film French Critics Society, 

Best Film New York Critics Society,

Best Foreign Film Lost Angeles Critics Circle,

Best Film American Film Society.


As a Director >>>

1989《Tong Dang Wansui》

Nominated for Best Film at the Golden Horse Awards.

1991《Shadow of Nocturne》

Asian Beat 6,Lead Actor Nagase Masatoshi.

1993《Moonlight Boy》

1993 Venice Film Festival Best Film International Critics Week.

2016《Nao》in post production.